DeFi Protocol for
High-Performance Derivatives Trading & Structured Products

Trade futures, options, yield-generating structured products, or bespoke derivatives to suit your specific risk/reward preferences – All at high speed and low-cost thanks to our Durafi Derivatives Generator & Liquidity Engine

Democratized and permissionless for both retail and institutional investors

Introducing the Durafi Derivatives Generator & Liquidity Engine

The Durafi Derivatives Generator (DDG) and Liquidity Engine (DLE) allows the Durafi Protocol to offer a variety of derivatives and structured products instruments to investors that can be traded at high speed and low cost via dynamically optimized liquidity channels based on investor preferences and derivative type to provide ready liquidity to traders while minimizing slippage and market impact.

Trade via Durafi UI or
High-Speed API
Single Token &
Index Derivatives
Structured Products
Customized Derivatives
Based on Preferences

Trade DeFi Derivatives at High Speed & Low Cost

Durafi is optimized for trading a variety of derivatives including:

- Single-Token Perpetuals
- ETF-Style Index Derivatives
- Yield-Generating Structured Products
- Customized Derivatives and more…

Advanced Crypto Trading, Democratized

Any Way. Your Way.

Durafi enables anyone from the individual to the institutional trader to benefit from advanced crypto strategies based on their preferences – including ETF-style index trading, yield-generating options products, single token perpetual high-frequency trading, and more.

Customize Your Trading Style

The Durafi Derivatives Generator automatically customizes derivatives based on your specific requirements, ensuring that you will always have the right instrument for your trades.

Built for Active Trading Strategies

Durafi derivatives products trade 24/7 long or short without lockups or other restrictions and can be traded at high speed using our API built by and for high-frequency traders.

Deep & Dynamic Liquidity Powered by the Durafi Liquidity Engine

Durafi’s unique Durafi Liquidity Engine combines the benefits of decentralized liquidity pools with high-speed order books and proprietary innovations to optimize slippage and market impact based on each trade’s specifications.

Durafi Leverages DeFi for Maximum Security

Durafi is a decentralized exchange whereby you maintain your choice of custody for your assets. This makes our platform inherently more secure from cybersecurity threats than centralized platforms or traditional crypto funds.